Plastic E-Liquid Bottle With Needle Top 20ml

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Plastic E-Liquid Bottle With Needle Top

The majority of e-liquid or e-juice brands have dropper bottles that do not have tips long or narrow enough to make filling tanks or cartomizers easy. It is often difficult to get the liquid into the area that you need in order to fill your cartomizer, clearomizer, or glassomizer. These Plastic Bottles with Needle Tips alleviates this problem by making it effortless to fill any tank or cartomizer, regardless of the size of the opening. The needle at the end of the bottle can easily fit into even the smallest area of your cartomizer or tank. You simply squeeze the bottle, and the e-liquid or e-juice is then released out of the needle end of the container. The 18 gauge needle is large enough to easily squeeze out all liquids, regardless of their VG or PG base.

Additionally, when larger bottles of e-liquid or e-juice are purchased, it is very difficult to lug it around in your pocket or purse. These bottles can be easily filled, and with a 30ml capacity, it is easily capable of holding enough liquid to last the day.

These empty Plastic Needle-Top Bottles are a must have for every vaper!

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