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The EBC is another fantastic bottom-coil tank from SmokTech.

Bottom-coil tanks have a smooth draw and reduced wicking issues, making for great flavor and vapor production. At the bottom of the tank there are two holes to increase air flow for more vapor. The drip tip has been molded into the tank itself, so no need to worry about a missing mouth piece. The EBC is easy to use and performs great! It has a eGo connection and will work with any mod that has eGo threading or with a 510 adapter . This tank holds approximately 1.8ml of e-liquid.

EBC has a changeable coil head, which means, you don't need to throw out the whole body (like the disposabe CE4) only the small heating coil inside the body. This makes it much cheaper to replace. Spare EBC atomizer heads are available and can be used with the Mini Protank, the full size version and the EBC. 

Replacement EBC heads are available separately

First time use and refills:

1. Flip the atomizer with the mouthpiece facing down and screw off the bottom of the atomizer. (Tighten the atomizer head back into the metal base if its screwed out)  

2. Using the e-liquid bottle, fill the atomizer body by pouring e-liquid down the side wall, until just before the inside tube ends. (DO NOT put e-liquid in the center hole/tube, that is for airflow)

3. While still holding the body part upside down, screw the bottom part back to the upper body.

4. Attach the atomizer to the battery by screwing them together gently. (Do not overtighten or crossthread!)

5. To prime the wick give the atomizer 5-7 bigger sucks WITHOUT pressing the button and wait 30 seconds after the sucks.


  • The metal tube in the center of this Clearomizer leads from the mouthpiece to the battery end. Avoid getting liquid in this tube when filling the Clearomizer. 
  • Gurgling noise or leaks: This is a sign that liquid has found its way into the metal tube in the center of the Clearomizer (and usually occurs after a refill). Ridding the center tube of liquid will resolve the issue. To do so without emptying the tank, remove the Clearomizer from the battery, wrap a cloth or tissue around the battery end of the Clearomizer and blow through the mouthpiece. 
  • The atomizer head can unfasten when unscrewing the tube or base. Always secure the atomizer head before reinstalling the base.
  • It is normal to find a small amount of liquid in the battery contact area when removing the Clearomizer or any atomizer. We recommend cleaning the battery before charging it.
  • When possible, keep the tank full and never below 1/3 full of eLiquid ("topped off"). This helps maintain the "vacuum" in the tank and prevent leaks.
  • Atomizer heads have an average lifespan between 10 to 20 days. When the atomizer head wears down, it may begin to leak. Replace the atomizer head with a new one if available.


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