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WISMEC EVOLV Reuleaux DNA200 -Temperature Control 200W Device

WISMEC Evolv Reuleaux DNA200 -Temperature Control 200W Device uk The Reuleaux (DNA200) by JayBo and Wismec. The Reuleaux [rə’lo] name comes from the center most triangle created when three circles intersect. This has a bit of a story as well. This mod, like the geometry, is represented in three sets of three. The mod itself uses three 18650 batteries, the mod body is a cool three piece design, and finally the Reuleaux has come into existence by the work of JayBo Designs, Wismec and Evolv. First mod of its kind to use 3 removable 18650s outputting a true 200 watts, the 3 cells in series orientation provide a total of 11.1 volts. This is the first and only mod to feature reverse polarity protection via a unique mechanical solution. This mechanism was contributed by JayBo, and cleverly utilizes the standardized “sunken gap” around the positive portion of all 18650 batteries. this insert, a small protective ring, indexes the “gap” space allowing the positive battery contact to recess into position. If the battery is accidentally reversed, the ring will prevent the negative portion of the battery from contacting the wrong terminal. With the incorrect battery orientation the Reuleaux will simply not function.


  • Cast Main Frame (body)
  • Gold Plated 510 contact
  • DNA 200 watt chip by Evolv Vapor
  • Machined Aluminum Up, Down and Fire buttons.
  • Device specifications.
  • Height Top to Bottom: 83.8mm
  • Length: 50.2mm
  • Width: 39.2mm
  • Weight: 285g (with 3 batteries)
  • Weight: 148.5g (body only)
  • Six 2mm Heat Ventilation Holes

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